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Internships are now coordinated by Rebecca Chase, I have left this page up for its information value.


Internships are available to AVT students by permission of the instructor only. Generally, I conduct two meetings at the beginning and end of each semester for this purpose, and to go over crediting. Among other requirements, interns should have completed prerequisites, have junior or senior standing, and be in at least their second semester at Mason.

I handle design and digital arts internships. Photography, painting, and other art internships are usually handled through their respective concentrations.

Course Material

Forms—to be filled out by you and your supervisor.



Finding a job

Interns are responsible for finding their own position. However, I have a lot of leads you can access during my office hours. You may also find the following links helpful for internship and other job searches. Prospective interns should not be shy about calling or writing employers—even if their ad does not specify that they are looking for interns. Employers are often open to interns, and the duties described in employment ads can give you a good idea of what you can expect from that company. Most students find the big job sites such as Monster.com unhelpful, but they are, of course, another source of information.


Current Listings Employers who request Mason students are listed here. Full information requires a current AVT internship registration.

The Washington Post jobs site is probably the best source for local internships. Type “intern” into the search engine rather than “graphic design” or “digital arts.”

Creative Hotlist is part of Communication Arts ’ web site. It’s better for web jobs than print.

The Art Director’s Club of Metropolitan Washington has a small, but sometimes helpful listings section—including a dedicated category for interns.

AIGA provides a number of services to the design community—including an excellent (and free) online magazine. Their local web site often has interesting jobs.

MediaBistro is a good source for jobs in publishing. They also have lots of media news.

Craig’s List jobs range from sketchy and weird to cool and lucrative. This site always has a lot of stuff—though much of it won’t be of help.

The Society for News Design specializes in design jobs at newspapers and news web sites, though they have a few magazine positions too.





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