Computers in the Arts


Final Project

The final project will require the use of all three programs we used this semester. You will produce a 8.5 x 11" advertisement that includes an original piece of art with components generated in both photoshop and Illustrator (or produced in one program and modified in the other). a logo produced in Illustrator, and text to be written and produced in QuarkXpress. Type should be simple but typographically excellent, the logo and art must be appropriate for the company and product.

Travel Advertisement

BigAirTM, a new airline aimed at college-age travelers is launching its services with a new schedule of flights between Washington and a City or vacation destination that by some extraordinary coincidence happens to be your favorite place to go for vacation. They require a logo that conveys a young, friendly, and price-conscience attitude. And, it must include an icon or modified text to aid in trademarking.

To distinguish themselves from other airlines, they want to illustrate their ads with computer-generated illustration rather photography, although the illustration can contain some modified photographic components. The illustration should be distinct, youthfully appropriate to the airline’s image, and suited to the destination being advertised. Needless to say, the experience of flying to the destination should look desirable, interesting and inviting.

Layout: Art must take the top 2/3 of ad space, text and logo should occupy a plain white background on the bottom 1/3. There must be a readable headline (that can share the art or the text space), at least a few lines of text ( sales copy) and a slogan or capstone line.


Thursday November 15
Discussion of branding, logo development. During the week: start on your illustration.

Thursday November 22
Thanksgiving Break

Thursday November 29
Critique of Illustration, second look at logo, lecture on type.

Thursday December 6
Final critique, all work due: Color printout, CD with pdf of final ad and component pieces: Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop files.

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